Coming Soon
Right now we can help you with full-service 3D printing and small laser cutting projects. And we’re planning classes with the Courtenay library and Linc for May-June.

We’re targeting July to be fully open.

Our pricing will have several tiers: membership, drop-in, full-service, full-service rush.

Note: Some tools will require safety training before use.

Our memberships will include:

  • building access during business hours
  • include a number of minutes of machine time
    • eg laser cutter, CNC, etc
    • usable only after required training is completed
    • non bankable (unused minutes do not roll over to successive months)
  • discounted machine use rates for equipment with a per-usage cost
  • discounts on events and classes

Other perks as they are arranged.


Our pricing structure has yet to be finalized. Stay tuned for updates!