Draft: More Angles and Parallel Lines (Oct 21, 2022)

Video Watched

Games Tried

  • https://www.myabandonware.com/game/qix-qs
  • https://www.hedgewars.org/ – too complicated/awkward controls
  • try: Atomic tanks

For next week- choose some of: https://mrnussbaum.com/math/geometry-and-shapes


How to evenly divide a gap into as many pieces as you want.


find some other "old school" geometric constructions…


  • 3-4-5 knotted string right angle triangle

  • find some historical machines/buildings

    • stone masons + special stone at the top of arcs
    • catinary curves
  • possibly work through some of the examples in https://opentextbc.ca/patterndevelopment/

    • need to get some compass and divider sets
  • keep exploring turtle blocks

Very maybe…

  • possibly look at p5js?
  • possibly look at circular geometry (touch on right angle triangles, circles, cos/sin & angles)

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