Metric Prefixes, Exponential Growth, Fractals (Oct 7, 2022)

Metric Prefixes

Julian’s "gag" video: The Metric Prefixes Song.

A very memorable way to learn metric prefixes!

In class question: what are the names of numbers bigger than a million? A billion?

Ans: this excellent page, with a formula for the names!.

But note, not everyone agrees on the meaning of billion and beyond (short vs long scale). So exponents are useful…


After hearing all the prefix names, we had a discussion of base 10 exponents, multiples of 10, and how that "moves the decimal point."


To reinforce exponents, scale, and introduce exponential growth, we watched:

Extra Resources

Then explored (The Scale of the Universe 2)[].

Perimeters and Fractals

How long of is the outline of the UK if you use a 10m long ruler? is it longer if you use a 1m (shorter) ruler? You can go around more details… so the perimeter increases. (Extra: Does the 1D perimeter increase faster than the 2D area it encloses?) One of the many interesting oddities of Fractals!

Had fun exploring:

Extra Resources

Wrap up: We watched a little of the Nova documentary on Fractals

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