Introduction to Stop Motion Animation (Camp)


Fascinated by animation? This is the class for you!

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July 25-29th 2022, 1-4pm

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What do Wallace & Gromit and Kubo have in common? Stop motion animation!

This week long, half day camp is designed to explore the ins and outs of stop motion animation in greater depth than our after school programme.

We will break down the process of creating an animated short: from story ideas to filming and uploading to YouTube. Participants will be introduced to the 12 key Animation Principles – such as Eases, Overshooting, Squash and Stretch and Anticipation.

Dip your toes into the world of animation and discover the endless possibilities!

Ages: 6+
Format: Half day, week long
Max participants: 6

We reserve the right to cancel classes due to insufficient enrolment or unforeseen circumstances. We will notify by e-mail and/or by phone before the camp is to begin. Pro-rata refunds will be given.



March 21-25th 2022, 1-4pm, March 28-April 1st 2022, 9-12pm, July 25-29th 2022, 1-4pm


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