MCreator Minecraft MODs 2


Love Minecraft? Then join us and learn to make MODS!

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In this fun packed continuation of MCreator Minecraft MODs 1 we’ll continue exploring what can be created with MCreator! We will delve into the visual block based programming environment to make mods with custom rules, effects, and more! Those with more programming experience will be encouraged to challenge themselves to learn and use Java. Please note the age difference in suggested age for this session- there’s quite a steep increase in complexity for the programming.

NOTE: A Minecraft Java Edition account is required. This is different from the Windows 10 “bedrock” or Xbox/iOS/Android versions. Please check with us first if you’re not sure which edition you have a license to.

Ages: 12+
Format: 5 weekly, 1.5 hour sessions
Prerequisites: MCreator Minecraft MODs 1
Max participants: 6


Thursday's 3:30-4:50pm, Nov 10-Dec 8, 2022


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