STEM Explorers 2! (Camp)


Calling all kids curious about science, technology, engineering and more!

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July 11-15th 2022, 1-4pm

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Each day we’ll explore a different experiment in the realms of chemistry, physics, biology, math, engineering and more!
Possible experiments include growing crystals, brushbots, telescopes, making electric motors, bridge building, oobleck, balloon vehicles, and more. We draw inspiration from Science World, YouTube and many other sources, and have an expanding range of age appropriate hands-on activities.

See STEM Explorers 1 for a different set of activities!

Ages: 8+
Format: Half day, week long
Max participants: 6

We reserve the right to cancel classes due to insufficient enrolment or unforeseen circumstances. We will notify by e-mail and/or by phone before the camp is to begin. Pro-rata refunds will be given.



July 11-15th 2022, 1-4pm


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