Techsplorers (Sept 12-Dec 5th, 2022)


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We are excited to be working with Karin & SOS tutoring and offering a 12 week program focusing on programming, technology, and related fields.

Drea (your main instructor) will be starting with an introduction to Game Design using Unity via UME labs. (I will also be present to assist when needed.)

We’ll explore video game design for ~4 weeks, and then see where the group wants to go. Possibilities include:

  • Programming robots (Lego)
  • 3D design for video/games (Blender)
  • 2D & 3D design for making things (Inkscape, TinkerCAD – for laser cutting, and 3D printing)
  • Or something else we have that grabs their attention

Sessions will be on Mondays, running from September 12th to December 5th, inclusive, and cost $40 + tax per participant.
There may also be a separate resource fee for special projects; these are usually driven by the participants. We like to work with them to create a budget and then we co-present to you parents; we aim to give everyone a couple of weeks to decide and finalize the costs.

We can bill you directly, or work with various funding providers. We prefer to bill for the entire programme, but can accommodate monthly payments.


  • Please book a placement interview with us BEFORE purchase (not needed if pre-arranged via SOS)
  • Minimum commitment is 4 weeks unless otherwise arranged (ie minimum purchase of 4 sessions)
  • Refunds will be minus transaction fees. There may be other admin fees if the above is not followed
  • There may be additional resource fees, based on what is being built. We work with participants to create plans and a budget before parts are purchased.

Our Refund Policy:
If MakeItZone has to cancel a session then we will provide a refund or arrange alternate programming. We do not provide refunds for single session student absence. We will consider refunds for extended absences on a case-by-case basis.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email me (



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