Commercial Use

Commercial Licenses

What does commercial use mean and how does it apply to you and your small business?

Commercial use is any activity in which you use a product or service for financial gain. For example but not limited to, merchandise, software, images, fonts, film, apps, books and quotes.

Where to find the design’s licensing?
  • Website
    • : Scroll all the way down the page and you should find it.
  • Download
    • Before you download there will be a notice regarding the licensing and use.
  • Installing
    • Before you install a software there is a prompt that goes through the licensing.
  • Purchasing from a Third-Party
    • When you pay for a design file or font you should as so receive a user licensing.

When in doubt Google is your friend.

Cricut Angel Policy

Angel Policy:  Is a legal document that protects Cricut, Third-Party Users and YOU regarding their creations and a way of explaining the permissible ways. The Angel Policy also goes over how many things you are able to swell using another business’s designs. Most creative companies have an angel policy as you’ll be making money from either their content and/or supplies. The content might be decorative papers, vinyl, toppers, embellishments, or software. In Cricut’s case it is digital designs and cut files.  

What Does Cricut’s Angel Policy Cover:

Cricut offers a wide variety of free designs and cuts. HOWEVER free images does not mean those files are automatically commercial use. 

All of the images and files that are available to you through Cricut Access are free to use for personal use.  If you become a Cricut Access Member you have access to more images and files and do not have to pay to use them. The subscription allows access to a larger image library and is covered by the Angel Policy and most of them are for commercial use.

The content that is commercial use within Design Space has been marked with a green ‘a’ so you can quickly see which is available for commercial use.

The other important legal information to be aware of is that of Cricut’s Mass Production restrictions.

“ Mass Production means any of these: (a) production in quantities of more than ten thousand (10,000) Finished Products per year; (b) production by more than one person in an assembly line fashion; (c) production by a person other than the individual who created the original craftwork item or Finished Product, or by a member of his or her family;or (d) production in a factory.”

From Legal|

Basically Cricut forbids the use of their machine for mass production. So if you plan to create a company and use Cricut Maker as a means of production you could be subjected to a lawsuit.

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