MakeItZone aims to meet the needs of a growing creative community by offering access to tools, education, and support.

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3D Printers

We have FDM printers that can print in PLA, PET-G, Flexible filaments, ABS and more.

We also have resin printers.

Trotec Speedy 300 Laser Cutter

Installed with a 80W CO2 laser tube that can cut and engrave most organic materials and anodized aluminum.

Electronics Tools

Soldering Irons, wire strippers, and other needs for soldering new projects or making repairs. A limited selection of components are kept in stock.

Computer Lab

With software and accessories for sound and video recording, 2D and 3D design, programming, and more.

Resin Lab

We have worked with Ecopoxy and Smooth-On resins and silicones. Our tools include a fume hood, vacuum chamber, and temperature controlled curing area.

Business Services

Consulting, Fabrication, shared office & meeting space, storage and work areas: we’re here to help you turn your ideas into a business.

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