What is Etsy?

Etsy, Online Marketplace

Etsy is an online marketplace where independent artists and crafters can sell their goods. Primarily, Etsy is associated with vintage and handmade items such collectibles, vintage toys/furniture, jewelry, art, home goods, crafts and craft supplies.

Unlike Amazon everything on the site is made, collected, curated, and sold by its sellers/creators. These independent business owners not only produce their goods but manage their orders and inventory, too. Etsy acts as the middle-man offering a platform for smaller, independent creators to find and attract customers. 

Etsy sorts its offerings by categories to help customers narrow down their search queries, in addition to offering recommendations for items and sellers based on their browsing history. To search for an item you can use the search bar or categories bar.


Anyone can purchase items on the site, whether you have an Etsy account or want to checkout as a guest. The purchasing process is much like other online retailers, allowing you to add items to a digital car before checking out. 

The other thing Etsy offers its sellers is secure payment transfers.

Acceptable payments:

  • Credit Cards
  • Etsy Gift Cards
  • Apple and Google Pay
  • Paypal
  • Depending on your location, debit card/bank transfer.


Because all Etsy shop owners manage their inventory, they’re also responsible for their shipping. Most sellers on Etsy ship globally and allow you to choose from various shipping methods, with some even offering a free option.

Set Up.

Regardless of what you’re selling, there is no fee to set up your account, but there are fees for when you list, sell and ship your products. To set up a shop, you need to list the following information:

  • Your location
  • Shop name
  • How you want to get paid by buyers
  • Your bank information to pay Etsy fees

As you build out your shop, there are a few essential factors to consider in building your unique shop and brand.

  1. Your digital appearance
  2. Prices
  3. Shipping

Many successful creators try to pick out unique usernames, themes, and include high-quality images, and practice search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to find potential customers.

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