Paper Flowers

Designing Paper Flowers – Cricut Design Space

To make paper flowers, you will need some cardstock (60 lb. to 80 lb.)

If you pay for cricut design space – Go to Cricut Design Space, click on Images and search on each of these 10 ID numbers: #M3F171 #M3D7D0 #M3D7E1 #M45BF3 #M4733C #M44A7D #M4431D #M434FB #M451E6

Once you’ve found the Cricut paper flowers, you’ll want to size them for your project.

Sizing & Template

Cricut Tools:


Premium Fine-Point  Blade(standard)


Medium Cardstock



Tools you can use to roll up your paper flowers.

Quilling Tool

Reverse-Action Tweezers

Hot Glue Gun


Now roll the quilling tool toward you as you hold the paper steady. 

As you continue to roll the paper flower, do your best to keep the bottom aligned with itself

When you reach the circle, hold the rolled paper flower in your fingers firmly and gently

hold it between your thumb and forefinger and allow it to relax a little

Hot Glueing

Hot glue or craft glue to keep the tab on the bottom of the flower petals

Gently roll the petals outward to make your paper flower look more realistic.

The Results:

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