About Julian

Julian Rendell Owner

MSc, Physics, and 15 year veteran of Software Development

Julian is a life long maker who loves using his skills and experience in software development, electronics, and 3D printing to create unique and effective solutions to challenging problems. He is a Team Leader and collaborator who has experience guiding others and managing both financial and human resources. As an avid facilitator and presenter, He is comfortable leading and presenting to groups both large and small. He has a track record of taking the initiative and going out of his way to build partnerships. His experiences living and working in New Zealand, Japan, and Canada have included working for government, private, and public organizations, from the the small to the very large. This has left him with an appreciation for different viewpoints and a respect for diverse ways of thinking. This, combined with his ability to take in the big picture, has allowed him to effectively and successfully bridge the gaps between different groups and create inclusive ways forward. With a MSc in Physics and a keen interest in robotics, he has been interested in 3D printing since he saw one in a lab at university 20 years ago. He is excited to be bringing digital fabrication technologies to new audiences.

The short URL of the present article is: https://makeit.zone/go/02mz
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