Data Science Group: Read Sensor.Community Data

Are you being dropped in the deep end, or given the most opportunity to define your goals?

I don’t know- you’ll have to decide 🙂

Broad Goals

  • collect sensor data
    • flexible- multiple sensors
    • validated- time stamps (other?)
  • store for analysis
  • display in understandable means by the general public
  • share to interested parties


  • station location and owner privacy (e.g. hex grid)
  • verification (don’t let the data be poisoned by malcontents)
  • data ownership
    • data collected by this project
    • using other service data – BC/Canadian governments, Purple Air, etc

Example Data Warehouses

With some (limited) visualization


Based in Germany. Quite popular in Europe. Has "labs" (local groups) of enthusiasts. Click on the measurement title to select different items.

Has example air and sound sensor projects; and several research projects.

Unofficial API documentation.

Archive data

Seems to be the best fit?

UNBC Pilot Project Map

See here.

Click on the "?" to get some useful reference information and contact details.

Purple Air

They have an API that you can use to get data.

Have to register.

Some details here

Suggested Goals for Session 1

For testing purposes, it would be good to have some tools to get and set data in the data warehouse. As well, LoRaWAN will require us to create a utility to pull from one system and populate another.

Suggested goals:

  • sign up for Warehouse and create a test station & sensor
  • find out if there’s a way to mark a sensor as a test device
  • use or Google Colab to create a Python script that can pull data from an existing sensor
  • create a script that can upload data to a given sensor

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