How Did we Get Here?

This session grew from a few requests and conversations from several directions, all around about the same time, and all to do with collecting and presenting different types of environmental data… and a "reason" to experiment with LoRaWAN.

We ended up with a mix of interested parties: from experienced programmers, budding data scientists, to complete beginners.

To be really useful, we not only need to collect the data with sensors, but put it somewhere, and do something with it- and keep it interesting and approachable to this wide audience.

What to do?

Divide and conquer contribute twice.

We’re going to form two groups and sometimes split into multiple tracks and work independently on different parts of the overall project.

The two groups will be data science (DS) and embedded technology (ET). The dividing line will be if you’re already confident with basic programming, and have some idea of tools and services like git, github, markdown, read-the-docs, etc.

The data science group will be asked to explore and solve challenges mostly independently; the majority of MIZ staff’s time will be spent with the embedded technology group.


Are 90 minutes long, and broken into 3 slots, with two short breaks in-between.

Session 1

2Skill Builders- markdownET
3Skill Builders- GitET
2 & 3API exploration and experimentsDS

Session 2 – 6



Let’s get to know each other-

ICE Breaker, e.g. Passions and Interests Tic-Tac Toe (from session lab)

1 thought on “Preface”

  1. A fun first session with lots of interesting content also met some nice people/ classmates. The time went by too quickly though, thanks Julian for giving us extra. I can’t wait for next week.

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