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Monday Creators’ Club


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Under the supervision of MakeItZone’s mentors, participants can design and build their own projects using the tools and technologies we have!

Participants will work together to decide on a theme, and all projects will be based on this theme. Themes will last 4+ weeks. (In the past we let everyone choose their own project but the breadth of creativity was difficult for the mentors to switch between!)

This is a mostly hands on building/creating session. When needed, we will run short group tutoring sessions – e.g. how to use software to create designs to be laser cut, 3D printed, etc.

This is for 9+ year olds, and runs from 1pm-3pm on Mondays.


  • Please book a placement interview with us BEFORE purchase
  • Minimum commitment is 4 weeks unless otherwise arranged (ie minimum purchase of 4 sessions)
  • Refunds will be minus transaction fees. There may be other admin fees if the above is not followed
  • There may be additional resource fees, based on what is being built. We work with participants to create plans and a budget before parts are purchased.
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