Voronoi Soap Saver

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Keep your soap dry and long lasting with this beautifully crafted soap saver inspired by the patterns of nature.

Designed and made on Vancouver Island, this piece of functional art brings a refined detail to your bathroom or kitchen. Crafted from solid aluminum, this soap saver is durable, simple to clean, and at the end of its life easily recyclable.  Features four rubber feet to protect the surface it is set upon.

Size: 2” X 3” X 1/8” (50 mm X 75 mm X 3 mm) not including feet.

Pattern: Voronoi (Learn about it here!)

Material: anodized aluminum – recyclable (remove feet before recycling)

Cleaning: soak in warm water and scrub with cloth or soft brush

Please note: due to the artisan nature of Otagai’s products, colour shades may vary between each product batch.

Made in British Columbia

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