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Best Sciencey Song: Know your Prefixes

In our SciTech Friday’s kids group, we’ve been looking at measurements, and touching on decimals and exponents. Found this excellent ear-worm: It’s spectacular, in that “so eye-rolly, but it’s awesome!” sort if way. And best of all it works: even adults I’ve played it to can’t help singing along and discovering a prefix or two. …

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We’re Back!

It’s been a challenging start to the new school year- a “simple” website upgrade went very wrong. The plan was to spend three or four days adding direct payment methods and syncing to our accounting system. However there were unexpected conflicts with different plugins, problems with an OS update, database server issues, and then issues …

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Adrian’s Going to BITF 2022!

Adrian is creating an installation for Burn in the Forest 2022! “Spaceship Earth” is powered by an Arduino which controls a fog machine, sound effects, ultrasonic sensors, and multicolour LEDs! As well he’s constructed a novel ball machine to further entertain visitors using discarded bicycle chains, gears, with custom 3D printed and laser cut parts. …

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