We’re Back!

It’s been a challenging start to the new school year- a “simple” website upgrade went very wrong.

The plan was to spend three or four days adding direct payment methods and syncing to our accounting system.

However there were unexpected conflicts with different plugins, problems with an OS update, database server issues, and then issues with conflicting data between our store and accounting software. What a mess!

But after a lot of research, experiments, and some help from the great people at MyWorks, it’s all come together.

It’s a lot easier to enrol in courses, and most of the paperwork is now automated; hooray!

More of our supplies are listed. Right now we’re limiting many direct purchases to members, but over time this will change.

it’s now easier to add articles about projects and events happening around the valley. Want to share an event or project? We now have a submission form!

Finally, LifterLMS has been added. Lifter is a learning management system that will make it easier to organize and publish session notes. We’re looking forward to learning how LifterLMS works and sharing some of our study resources.

Although it was interesting to discover more about WordPress, I’m hoping to not have to learn any more for a while!

The short URL of the present article is: https://makeit.zone/go/ms0w
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