Community Challenge: Create Activities for a Life Size Game Board

Adrian is creating I/O Mimicry for the upcoming Otherworld Festival:

I/O Mimicry, an interactive light-up button game system, merges technology, play, and music into a captivating interactive experience suitable for all ages. It features a dual-sided interface with large buttons, each embedded with LEDs, allowing for a variety of engaging game modes. We’ve thought of a couple involving reaction times, memory games, music making, etc. Can you code a fun experience for the hardware?
I/O Mimicry will be showcased at Otherworld, Burn in the Forest, at the MakeItZone! (date tbd), and so much more!

Adrian is looking for some more games and activities to play on his creation!

To speed up the creative process, Adrian has been using the WokWi interactive microcontroller simulator. This allows you to quickly create a virtual microcontroller and add other simulated components, such as LEDs, servos, and more. You create real code and can test it right in your web-browser. When you’re happy you can download it and program your real system. Wokwi aims to be as accurate as is reasonable- and in my (Julian’s) experience, it’s very good.

Some notes about I/O Mimicry:

the real-life thing uses a Teensy 4.1, while this mockup uses an Arduino that can only handle button pushes on pins 2,3 ( a limitation of the Arduino)

new games should be in their own separate file titled gameXXXX.h and can be called in the sketch.ino void loop() (where the comment is)

we are also looking for cool light shows that can play when the device is idle and not playing any games

You can find Adrian’s Wokwi project here:

We’ll be making I/O Mimicry the focus for the next few Electronics Meetups– a great chance to learn about Wokwi and Arduino!

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