C++ Crash Course

Key Things

  • open a bracket or quote, it must be closed
  • a block of code is stuff to be done one step at a time, but can be separated from other blocks of code
    • e.g. to separate commands to be executed if a test is positive vs if it is negative
  • blocks of code are indicated by { <code stuff> }
  • most lines need to end with a ; (except at the end of blocks- e.g. no semi-colon after a })
  • there are some special language keywords that are instructions/commands; you can not use these words for variable names
  • variables are named bits of memory that you can store (remember) some piece of info
    • variable names can’t be keywords
  • variables are typed
    • eg int count = 0; count++count can only store integers
    • compiler will give you errors if you try accessing a variable with the wrong type
  • comments are messages/reminders for you the programmer
    • for a single line, everything after // will be treated as a comment
    • for a single or multiple lines, everything between /* and */ will be ignored
  • functions (methods/subroutines- slightly different but we’ll lump them together) are like sub-programs that you can jump to. Both stops needing to duplicate code, and keeps things organized and easier to read.

Don’t worry! We’ll be using pre-made examples!


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