ESP32 WiFi Challenges

This is for the more advanced group

Hello Internet

Take a look at the Random Nerd Tutorials on the ESP32 and select one of the WiFi examples.

Get it on a WiFi network such that it is sending data to an online service, or hosting a small application that you can access from another computer on the network.

Easy Configuration – Captive AP

Adding WiFi credentials (and other configuration details- e.g. API keys) to the source code and recompiling is ok for a developer, but not easy for less technical users.

Wouldn’t it be great if the device could first start up as it’s own access point and present a captive portal for the owner to configure it?

Then save the settings, have it restart, and it automatically joins the correct WiFi network and starts to perform it’s task?

That’s the idea of the WiFiManager library!

Random Nerd Tutorials and Dronebot have two excellent tutorials on this.

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