Making a mod involves a range of tasks and tools, including creating and editing:

  • json configuration files (using a text editor)
  • images
  • 3D models
  • Java code
  • sound files

Each of these tasks would normally require downloading it’s own set of tools (e.g. Eclipse, Gradle, Java SDK,, Blockbench, Audacity, …)

As well, it requires knowledge of how all these tools work, and how to use them with each other.

MCreator takes care of nearly all of the above: it’s a single application that provides functionality for nearly all of the above tasks.

It also provides graphical templates that both make it simpler and less error prone to create basic mod elements.

As well, it adds a graphical, "building block", based programming system that allows basic programming to be done with out any typing. It both adds in discovering functionality and avoids simple errors due to typing mistakes. This visual system creates real Java code- and makes that available for more advanced enthusiasts to see how it all really works.

MCreator also provides ways to easily share the source code and assets used to make a mod, both by collaborative workspaces, and by making it very easy to import and export workspaces.

It’s a free application, with an active online following.

Unfortunately the online documentation is quite sparse, and often out-of-date.

At present the best place to learn MCreator is YouTube; in particular NorthWestTrees Gaming produces a lot of good tutorials. (And also a BC based channel!) Important note: check that date, and version of MCreator, presented in videos- things change quickly and older videos are likely to be incorrect for newer versions of MCreator.

Downloading MCreator

The latest version can be found here.

Older versions are listed here.

How to Import a Workspace

Note: make sure the versions of MCreator being exported from and imported to are the same. Importing from an older version of MCreator might work, but is likely to require some fixes.

  1. Download the workspace zip file.
  2. Start MCreator
  3. At the startup dialog, click on "Import Workspace". You can also import a workspace after creating or opening another workspace by going to the File menu and selecting import workspace from shareable ZIP...

How to Export a Workspace

  1. Open your workspace in MCreator
  2. Go to the File menu and select Export workspace to a shareable ZIP...


A new workspace (or an imported one) refuses to compile; there’s an error about missing files

Try going to the Build & run menu and select Regenerate code and build.

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