Developing Distributed Environmental Sensors


An introduction to DIY automated environmental monitoring technologies

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In this six week session we’ll build a distributed environmental sensor.

Our goal will be to create a device that:

  • is self contained
  • takes regular measurement samples
  • automatically connects to the internet to report it’s readings

The first two sensor types we will be exploring are for air quality (particulate) and sound level measurements.

The project will be built using:

  • Raspberry Pi Pico (RP2040), ESP8266, or ESP32 microcontrollers
  • Arduino C++ and/or CircuitPython/MicroPython
  • WiFi for near-to-home communication
  • LoraWAN for up to 15km communication range

We will also be exploring various community projects that are collecting environmental data, and the analysis tools that they have created.

Skills we’ll be developing:

  • simple circuits (basic components, Ohms law)
  • programming microcontrollers
  • connecting to and controlling sensors
  • computer networking
  • data analysis

Participants will have access to our session notes.

Ages: 16+
Format: 6 weekly, 1.5 hour sessions
Max participants: 6


Tuesday's 6:30-8pm, Nov 1-Dec 6, 2022

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