Intro to Electronics & Microcontrollers for LED Lighting


An intro to electronics, microcontrollers, and programmable LEDs.

Lightly, Lightly (Pi Pico + WS2812) Microcontroller Kit

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In this three week class we’ll cover the basics of:

  • simple circuits (basic components, Ohms law)
  • programming microcontrollers using CircuitPython
  • controlling programmable RGB LEDs
  • We’ll be using Raspberry Pi Pico microcontrollers, WS2812 programmable RGB LEDs, and other simple sensing components, such as Light Dependant Resistors (LDR).

Participants will have access to our session notes.

If you have an existing project, or idea you’d like to light up, we encourage you to bring it along and we’ll try to include time to work on your project each week.

Ages: 16+
Format: 3 weekly, 1.5 hour sessions
Max participants: 6


Tuesday's 6:30-8pm, Oct 11-Oct 25, 2022

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