Distributed Environmental Sensor Kit


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This is the kit of parts for our Distributed Environment Sensors class.

This course is in development and subject to change!

Kit Contents:

  • Combined ESP32 + LoRa boards, with an OLED screen. Usually a Heltec Automation board, such as this (~$45)
  • Temperature and barometric pressure: BME280 breakout board (~$28)

Please note that the Heltec boards are a good development environment but there are reports that the range is limited to at most 2.8km; they may also have European antennas included, which don’t work as well for the US LoraWAN frequency.

The following are some future sensors that we will explore adding to the above-

  • Sensirion SPS30 Particulate Matter Sensor (~$70)
  • Sound Level monitoring:
    • Teensy 4.1 microcontroller (~$50)
      • to do all the math fast enough for continuous sound sampling
      • based on an existing project (here), and sensor.community notes
      • very limited availability; hard hit by chip shortage
      • Potentially can use an ESP32 (~$25) instead
        • due to limited math capabilities, may not be able to measure lower frequencies
        • based on this project
    • InvenSense ICS-43434 MEMs microphone breakout board (~$16)


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